(viewed on 7/12/11)

I was quite excited when I got this recommendation: a film about Hitler clones, planted all over the globe by a crazy Nazi doctor attempting to create the right social and political setting for one of them to come to power!  Hitler clones!  Wait, Hitler clones? 

I would have been more cautious if I had seen this poster for the film:

Overall, this is a really silly science fiction movie.  (I think if you loved it in 1978, and you watched it now, you would agree with me.)  However, there were a few things that made it AWESOME:

1.  The Hitler clones, or rather, the actor that plays all of them, Jeremy Black:

He’s perfect. He’s always a total meanie in every set-up.  He has to be!  He’s a Hitler!  Jeremy Black went on to do nothing at all in film, but I wish he had been cast in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory before this. 

2. SPEAKING OF WHICH, Gunter Meisner played one of the Nazi collaborators:

Yep, Slugworth.  Dude was just born to play the most ominous characters. Nazis, candy spies, you name it.

3. When the dogs attack.  (I’m not giving anything away here, it’s on the poster.)  How many on-screen dog attacks can one career hope to handle?  Let’s just say Gregory Peck was best attacked by vicious dogs two years before in The Omen.  Maybe he thought, “Oh, vicious dog attack?  I got this”, but he should have stopped at one.  This scene also raises a recurring question. In so many films from 1950s-1970s, fake blood looks like bright red oil paint, thinned just slightly.  It’s laughably bad.  When did special effects blood make a gigantic leap in quality?