If Red State were a comedy, it would be very much like Salvation Boulevard.  Both films concern what people think they can get away with in the name of religion.  Salvation Boulevard was just okay.  I didn’t laugh very much, but a lot of older people were laughing throughout the film.  It’s just not my kind of comedy, partly because it relies on Bad Communication.  This is an all too common motif in comedies (and some dramas).  Films that advance the plot through Bad Communication usually use one or more of these elements: 1. not calling the police when they should be called  2. lying to protect oneself  3. marriages or relationships that are easily broken/unrealistic lack of trust between people who seem very close 4. keeping big secrets against all reason.  A few examples that come to mind include: Meet the Parents, My Best Friend’s Wedding, I Love Lucy, and Dancer in the Dark, among thousands.  Use of the Bad Communication motif doesn’t make a film bad, but it inspires needless anxiety in the viewer.  Because if you were them, you would just say something.

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